Working with slip casted mechanical parts reflects my interest in material translation and the phenomena that occurs within this process of transforming an object into a new, contrasting material. These once strong, metal objects are changed into fragile sculptures that reflect my interest in the mechanic, organic, the internal and external. This work has evolved over a period of two years involving intense material exploration and development, and has eventually led to my integration of a variety of elements that gradually reveal the makers hand, be it through incorporating wheel thrown components, or revealing the process of casting.

The ceramic elements of my work are tight in their aesthetic, which acts in contrast to the expressive, gestural mark making utilized in my drawings. This contrast reflects my interest in diversity of mediums and approaches to a specific idea.  These drawings refer to ideas rooted in the abject, the fleshy internal human body and spills of residual waste from mechanical objects, while acting in an organic and stark contrast to the ceramic forms.

My work is a continuous revisiting of various approaches to forms and compositions that refer to the human body, anatomy, and the concept of in-situ. Objects are placed in specific ways to create new relationships, and are only understood when pulled apart from one another and then placed back together. My artistic practice revolves around trying to create a way of understanding the world; by picking objects apart and studying them in relation to all their individual parts, each piece a component of an endless diagram of the human condition.